Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I have been posting shots from Christina's World for a long time (that's where Dream used to live). Now that Dream is at Skoog Farm I am getting photos from Barb, Dream's owner. When you see Dream World, you will know that she took the pictures. (And don't forget, Tina takes all the shots from Christina's know her, DJ's Mom).

Dream is an off the track thoroughbred who is in her 20s. Barb bought her from my friend Andrea (Glen Darach Farm/trainer) a long time ago and evented her for years.

She and Winnie love to hang out behind the Grooming Room.

A nice view and protection from the wind.

Dream is a happy mare!

She fits right in....


mj said...

She does look very content! I'm happy for her!!

allhorsestuff said...

Love the dazy photo's of those two...nice place to be!

Anonymous said...

She's looking much happier!

BroomJockey said...

I'm so glad Dream & Winnie hang out together. Those thoroughbred babes need to take care of each other!! At least I think I remember that Winnie is a thoroughbred!! If she's not, my apologies to her!! LOL!!

B : ) said...

Hooray for Dream.