Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Eventually, the clouds broke up enough to show me something other than grey.

Nothing that reminded me of a Colorado sky.

But a little encouraging at the very least.

Getting back to this looked more like this.

Gary returned from Java early enough to help me with chores, so we were done by 9.

As you can see...we had a minor dusting of snow.

Our chorus rehearsal started at 10am and it was a nasty one. In March we are going to sing with the High School Chorus (which is outstanding) at their concert. One of the songs we worked on for this performance is Loch Lomond. You know...."by yon bonnie banks...." It started off so simply!!!!!! Then we got to a section with 6 part harmony and things became very frustrating! We did it over and over and over and it was so difficult we had to take a break and go on to something else....which was easier, but we blew that too. Our director told us not to buy any lottery tickets today as we were not doing too well.

At 11:30 I headed up to the bank. Outside the door there were hundreds of crab apples on the ground.

After that I was driving home when I saw a helicopter hovering over the road with something hanging down from a long cable.

I pulled over to see what was going on.

There was a man on the very top of a utility pole and something was being dropped off to him! Amazing.

That's when the blue sky started to show. up.

Vegged for part of the afternoon with the pups and attempted to learn more about my new camera. Gary went down to the Red Bird for a meeting .

Jabbered on the phone until 5:15 and went out to do chores. Barb was out there taking mud off the horses. Thanks Barb!

On my way in, I took some shots in the dark.

If you have not done this, try it.

Make sure your flash is on....

There's Father Foozie.

Got in around 6 and did not make dinner tonight. Instead, I sat by the fire and watched the news. We ate whatever we could find. I had shredded wheat and a banana with skim milk, two slices of oat bran toast with peanut butter and jelly... and a glass of OJ. No fuss, no muss.

So that's the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth....

Night all.


Anonymous said...

Like the night photos! You must have gotten a bit of the blue sky we had yesterday. Todays been gray and windy and I'll bet that's heading your way too.

I wonder as well how you've managed to do such nice posts, with such nice and interesting photos, every single day for more than 2 years - that's very impressive! said...

I always enjoy hearing about how you spend your days.
Beautiful pictures & those pups are ADORABLE!

Brenda's Arizona said...

My Gramma always said if you see enough blue in the sky to make a Dutchman some pants, that the next day would be clear. Did you see that much blue?

I always love your photos and your posts. Thanks!

Frank said...

Wonderful shots of the dogs. I have never gone out and shot night scenes but after seeing yours I must give it a try. They are very interesting.

We had a light dusting of warm weather, it's 64 right now at 9:35 am, and expect it to continue.

Unknown said...

Hi Lori and Gary. I 'embiggened' that Lock Lomond score and tried humming the base line. I'm not a good sight reader, and it sounded like the drones on a set of bagpipes. Is that how it's meant to sound, do you think?
Cheers, Mike.

Janice said...

Love those night shots. Winter blahs here too.

Achieve1dream said...

I love taking nighttime pictures! Yours turned out really nice.