Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Looked like a typical winter morning. The pups went with me to the barn and were ready to go into the house within 10 minutes. Gary returned from Java early so he could help me with the stalls....chorus today and I definitely wanted to catch a shower first.

Here's a shot of Bermuda...he seldom makes the Journal. Usually he never stops crying when I bring him in the house (he spends most of the winter under the hot water pipes in the basement and can go in and outside whenever he wants). This afternoon I brought him in and set him on a towel up on the dryer (which is in the kitchen). He lasted over an hour and did not cry...the first time ever and he is over 16 years old. Of course Phoebe and Gucci kept giving him the eye.

Meanwhile, back to morning chores.

While I was still cleaning stalls, it REALLY started to snow.

...and the wind picked up.

The temperature should have been about 30...but the windchill altered that big time.

I put hay in the run in, under the shed roof and out in the paddock....They prefer to be out in the snow.

When it is windy like this, I also put hay behind the grooming room. That is a favorite spot for Masterpiece, Winnie and Dream.

We got about 3 more inches by 9am.

A quick shower and off to Chorus.

Yep! (Mike) We spent most of the time on Loch Lommond. I will admit that we are improving.
The chorus we are going to sing with has over 100 members, so they can drown us out.

After rehearsal Gary went to have a massage and I went home. The sun was very bright.

I let the dogs out with me while I shoveled the driveway.

They ran around for awhile and then got put in the back yard.

Did not do much after stuff etc.

Worked on dinner and at 5, went out to do chores.

The moon looked like this at 5:30.

The pups relaxed while we finished getting dinner together. It was so nice to come into the house after chores....the fire was burning, dinner smelled great...cozy.

Gary and Randy have been making dill pickles for years! They are as good as those you would get in a New York Deli!!!

We had Diner food tonight. A veggie burger, baked beans and homemade macaroni salad...pickles too (almost a garbage plate).

About the State of the Union. I am very interested in listening tonight...hope the rest of the country does the same. We are extremely into the political scene and it is frequently the topic of discussion...especially in my art class, where everyone is tuned into national, state and local goings on.

I'moutahere. Night all.


allhorsestuff said...

I was working last night...hope there was some bright spots in it?!
Seeing your horses liking the snow for eating...mine has taken to standing in the rain out side her stall(it has warmed). she is so funny!

Anonymous said...

We've got two arrangements of Loch Lommond for our recorder group! I expect it's based on the vocal arrangement.

Gail said...

I know that song well.

Unknown said...

Love the barns all blanketed in snow.

Sunny said...

I'm sorry that I don't leave a lot of comments, but I do read your journal everyday. Your narrative is so enjoyable and I love your pictures.
Sunny :)

Ken Mac said...

a good meal after a long day on the farm!