Sunday, January 10, 2010


I did not wake up until 7:15 this morning, and the first thing I did (after I put on my long aqua blanket like bathrobe) was grab my camera and head out the back door with the dogs.

There was an abundance of color to the South and East....

These first five shots were taken with my Canon Powershot.

I don't take it to the barn with me when I do chores as I would like it to stay nice and clean. So I switched to my little Sony Cyber shot and used it the rest of the day.

I actually prefer them (the sky shots). Maybe because it was because a few minutes later the sky was brighter or something.

I guess you had to be there.

It was magical after all the grey days we have been having.

And on top of that, we did not have to shovel today....big bonus.

As it got later the colors disappeared.

Eventually the blue skies returned...

Got in by 9:30...had to post my Sunday Stills Challenge shots. Then the dogs and I went down to Tractor Supply to pick up some shavings and pellets. Drove Gary's car so more would fit. A quick stop at Wegmans and we were back home.

Can you see Phoebe? This is her very favorite spot.

Gary was kind enough to unload the bedding.

Fortunately, all the things we gathered for the girls (college) whose house burned, were picked up today. They have been given a lot of stuff by this community.

It was so bright, I could not just stay in the house. Went out to visit the ponies and did a couple of things in the barn.

Great afternoon shadows.

I don't think we hit 25 today, as the wind kicked up.

But the sunshine made all the difference in the world.

The icicles were melting.

A lovely self portrait....

A lovely afternoon...a nap would have been nice.

Our horses have a backboard ya know.... Today the ice would have messed up their shots.

Gary dug out his cross country stuff and broke a trail through some very deep snow.

I was just getting ready to go back in the house....

when Barb (Dream's owner) showed up with her camera (which is exactly like my new one). If you got any good shots Barb, please send them to me.

By now that late afternoon sun was coming in the living room windows. It warms up that whole side of the house.

Look who is still in her spot.

The light even passed through the French doors into my studio room.

Awhile ago, I had my students do these mini paintings, as we found a few dozen ornate little frames on easels at the Dollar Store. Below are my examples (these were done at Christmas time for presents).

Above is Abbe and below is Pony.

They are only 3 inches x 3 inches....

Tonight's dinner....homemade veggie pizza. I bought a pizza stone a few weeks ago and had great intentions for using it tonight, when I realized I had to season the stone first. That is going to take some doing, so I oiled it, put it in the oven at 400 degrees and made the pizza in my usual pan. Tomorrow I will oil the stone again and put it in the oven for 40 more minutes. Maybe one time after that.

Now, I am going to take a steaming shower and crawl into bed. Maybe watch some tv (which is the same is me taking a sleeping pill). Night all. Hope you all had some sunshine in your part of the world.


Gail said...

Amazing shots, tantalizing pizza. My eye went to your art...the one behind the sofa and some along your art wall. What I could see, I liked.

Gayle said...

All your outside photos look just beautiful. I could not get myself to venture outside today. Just so cold with -15 and a breeze. Nick chopped wood and brought it in. Dad went out and fed Daisy. He also took the dogs out each time they needed to go. Today was my day to be a wimp. So many interesting things throughout your house to look at. Sometimes I wish I had a tv in my bedroom....a hot shower, bed and a movie sound wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Love the morning skies! Nice that you got a bit of a break in the weather - we had below zero windchills most of the day.

Achieve1dream said...

Very pretty pictures. I liked the icicle ones and the self portrait. :) Oh and I adore your barn. And the cloud pictures were still pretty even after losing the colors. I love all of your pictures and your cute furry ponies. :) Those tiny paintings are great gift ideas. Wish I could paint better. :) Thanks for sharing.

Esther Garvi said...

Gaskiya ne!

There's nothing like sunshine to spice up the day!!

Esther Garvi said...

Not sure if my comment just got lost, but wanted so send a warm greeting from all the critters (and humans!) of Ishtar's Ark! They're big fans of the sun too! :-D

Unknown said...

Lovely pictures, Lori. Sunshine always makes me feel better and brighter. And that was far too lovely an afternoon to waste it 'napping'. We can always do that when it's dark and cold.
Warm regards to you both, Mike.

RoeH said...

THAT is what I miss about sunshine. To enjoy the goodness of it. Here we have it 365 days a year and it gets very opressive. I have days where I never want to see it again. Great photos. Love your house.

Michelle said...

Got some sunshine, but not a whole lot in the way of warmth! Brr....We barely hit 40 yesterday, which is like a state of emergency in Florida!
I love the colors in those first photos. They are amazing and the contrast of those stark branches against the sky took my breath away.

mj said...

Your series of sunrise photos as the morning progressed are very warming today. Beautifully captured. Thanks for sharing your morning rounds!

Frank said...

You sure had a wide variety of colors, clouds and even blue sky. No new snow to shovel sounds very good to the back.

You capture such amazing sunlight streaming in and washing over walls. It's warm and defining and accents your artwork and furniture so well. (And catches a hibernating dog, too.)

It was 27 for a low here this snow to shovel!!!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I'm just blown' off the hay wagon by your pics! It looked like the perfect day.

Have a blessed day!!!

B : ) said...

All of it is wonderful - what a nice life! I have a small collection of tiny art - it's so beautiful isn't it? B : )

Jill said...

Your photos and artwork are beautiful. I purchased a Powershot G10 a few months ago and love it!