Monday, January 25, 2010

54 DEGREES AT 7:30AM!!!

Cold ground, warm air...voila!

This is what it looked like when I got out to the barn this morning. It was drizzling and very mild.

While I was feeding the horses, the rain stopped and I took off their blankets.

I set the hay out (most of it under the shed roof) and continued to clean the stalls, when it started up again. Need more bedding.

Set them all up with a flake of second cutting and put them back in.

Just because the horses were not out, it stopped raining again.

The remains of the snowman can be seen below.

Looked like a spring day to me...

Before I put the horses in, this is what they looked like. The only ones that didn't roll were Winnie and Berlin.

When I left for Tractor Supply, to the North the sky was trying to lighten up.

Putting seven bales of shavings and two bags of pellets in my PT Cruiser was quite a challenge.

The dogs were in the front seat.

After lunch I went to Jenny's to pick up Ice and Buster.

They go nuts when they think they are going to the farm.

Finn and Coop were coming here after school, so I couldn't leave the dogs home.

When I returned, the horses went back out...I picked the stalls and put in the new bedding.

The wind started to blow like crazy.

So I went out and groomed the 4 pigs so I could put their blankets back on.

The temperature was dropping quickly.

Gary arrived with the boys around 4:30.

Finn called his Mom to tell her he lost a tooth on the school bus.

Dinner included a salad with pears and cheddar cheese....


and white pasta (something that the boys would eat). When they arrived they wanted a snack. Cooper requested pretzels and yogurt and Finn had yogurt with granola...then they had dinner.

Believe me, having the 4 dogs was not easy. Ice was quiet and perfect. Phoebe hid and Buster and Gucci played non stop.

I picked up a homemade chocolate cream pie at Jenny's and that is what we had for dessert.
So good!

At one point, Finn was reading to Cooper, trying to teach him the words. Very sweet.

Jenny arrived around 7:30 and had dinner. By then Buster was not so busy. The boys had a great time playing restaurant. It was called "Two Brothers and Poo." One was the cook and the other was the waiter.

They left around it is quiet and I am determined to stay awake to watch "Damages" with Glenn Close. One of the better shows on tv.

The amarylis blossom has started to open. Quite a change from yesterday.

That's it. Night all.


Maery Rose said...

As usual, lots going on at your place. It's windy here too and it has brought cold temps that are supposed to drop all week. I had to blast down the driveway to not get stuck in the drifts. My barn door is frozen shut so no way to plow. Challenges, challenges.

Gail said...

What a perfect day! Did I see green grass?

Lisa & Gerald said...

Sounds like you had a real busy day with sweet fourlegged friends and your Grandchildren..I sure hope spring is on the way..Have a wonderful day,,Hugs..

Brenda's Arizona said...

Maybe the wind is blowing our 'last week's' storm. We had lots of wind with it, too... including tornado warnings.
As always, I love the photos and reading about the horses habits! Thank you!

mj said...

How different several hundred miles and a mountain range or two can make. It was 12 degrees at 7:30 here in SW Colorado this morning. Weather forecast is calling for MORE snow. Have not seen a winter like this one in a long time! Your un-blanketed horses look happy.

Unknown said...

Love the warm weather we are all having! Dinner looks yummy!