Friday, January 8, 2010


B:, (read about the closing of Greyhound Race Tracks and the need for adoption)

and Living a Farmer's Life, who can be found at: (she has goats, horses, dogs, cats and chickens and wants to grow much of her own food)

Thank you for finding my Journal...I hope you enjoy visiting and look forward to learning more about you.


B : ) said...

Ooops, sorry. Here's the link:

Thanks for the welcome! B : )

Achieve1dream said...

Thanks for the welcome. I really love all of the pictures on your blog.

I did want to mention my blog is Living a Farmer's Life and the address is Wish I'd thought of dream though because that would have been cool. :)

Gail said...

Found the first but not the second.

I just fall in love with your header every time I visit.