Monday, January 4, 2010


Well! This morning we had plenty of snow, but it was quiet and not as raw.

Gucci and I went out to do chores while the queen relaxed inside. Gary went to Java for coffee.

It snowed a little more by the time the horses got out for their hay....

but it was as light as a feather.

Dream is spending more time in the front paddock...Abbe is leaving her alone for the most part.

This group was in sync.

Masterpiece was also more accepting today.

You had to know that Winnie would be Dream's best friend.

When Gary got home, we shoveled the driveway (after he helped me finish up a stall in the barn).

Since it wasn't quit so frigid, the dogs joined us for awhile.

Can you see how fluffy the snow was? (That's Father Foozie, by the way).

Once again, I didn't get in the house until after 11.

As you can see, the snow is building up.

At 1:30 I drove down to Jen's to pick up her dogs. Phoebe and Gucci went along for the ride.

Four dogs in the PT Cruiser is quite a load.

They were in and out all afternoon.

I worked on dinner and Gary went down to pick up Finn and Cooper.

At 5 I went out to do chores and it was snowing again.

I think the temperature hit 20 today and it seemed like a heat wave compared to the past couple of days.

Below you can see how my breath alters the picture.

They waited patiently while I set everything up in their in grain and water.

There is my breath again.

Dream was happy to eat her grain. She is now eating at least half of her morning portion and I'm convinced she will start finishing it soon.

Pretty dark when I finished up. Gary and the boys were in the house.

For dinner, we had chicken Helen, mashed potatoes, peas and homemade applesauce (all selected according to the boys tastebuds).

It was their first day back to school/daycare and they were both tired.

Buster wore Phoebe and Gucci out, so they hid in their beds after dinner.

Ice is always well behaved...quiet.

I'm surprised Buster stopped long enough for me to take a picture.

Look at the coat on this dog!

The kids watched a little Disney while they waited for their Mom to arrive.

Jen was starving and very happy to have dinner waiting. A late day at the County Leg....

Cooper came back for round two and wanted some yougert with granola.

Poor Finny didn't feel to hot (he threw up when he got home).

They left before 8. Gary and I watched "Emeril Green" and it is one of the best food shows we have ever seen. It showed a community that had many sustainable farms and seemed like a dream situation. They even had a restaurant that people bought shares in to get it up and running...with discounts for them when they ate there. Gary was drooling over the prospect of developing something like that around here.

It's very late. Night all!


Anonymous said...

So nice that Dream has a friend! We're supposed to be up in the 20s today, I think, and it will feel like a heat wave - now if the darned wind would just stop!

B : ) said...

To someone who was born to live on a farm amongst many many animals (me) your blog is heartwarming and heartbreakingly beautiful. thanks for sharing. Think of me here in SW Florida NOT on a farm : ( B : )

flowerweaver said...

Brrr! I can't imagine having to shovel that much snow. I have enough hard work on my snowless, southwestern farm. They are predicting 14 degrees Thurs-Sat and we are only an hour north of Mexico!

Unknown said...

How cold it seems to be !
Here, it is only raining (fortunately !)
Beautiful pictures of the dogs and the horses.
See you soon
Phyto et le Cheval Endiablé

Gayle said...

I read one of my favorite blogs today and she shared a link. Now normally I don't click on them as my internet is too slow, but tonight I was overly patient and listened to it. Then it dawned on me you were just watching a similiar thing with Gary. Here's that link.... I'm thinking it might be the same restaurant. What I found interesting was the "cooperative" that really bragged about local items and only had 25% local items (which really doesn't fit as far as I am concerned). But the restaurant used 75-80% locally grown items. Now that was awesome!