Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Here is Tina's drawing of Izzy (Bedlam Farm herding dog).  She will now start working with colored pencil.
Doesn't it look cold?
A little frosty out back.

If any horse is going to hang around me, it is Abbe.  She is so curious...checks out everything.

Gary helped me with morning chores and we were off to chorus.  Somehow I am going to have to get some music on here so you can HEAR us.

I have to go to a meeting at the library, but when I get back I am going to talk to you about hamburgers and french fries.  Til later........  

OK, I am back from my meeting.  Now, on to hamburgers and french fries.  Tonight that's what we had for dinner.  We had  Garden Veggie Burgers by Morning Star with fried onions and condiments and they were as good as any burger!!!  The fries were sweet, regular potatoes and onions tossed with a little olive oil, parsley flakes, garlic salt and dill roasted in the oven at 400 degrees until nice and crispy.  The slaw was made with green cabbage, red pepper, apple, grapes, and grated carrot tossed with some cider vinegar and sugar.  Once this is mixed, add celery salt and a little mayo.  Delicious and a healthy dinner.  YUM.  Try it.


  1. Lori,
    We just finished our carrot soup and salad. How can you talk to us about hamburgers and french fries!

    Have you ever gone to the Garland for a burger and fries? What a treat!

  2. Think Spring!

    From my art class, I learned about gesture drawings. Tell Tina she draws with strong emotion!

    Mmmmm ... Hamburgers ...


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