Thursday, February 12, 2009


Today Esther of Ishtar's Ark in Niger, sent me a current picture of Sheba.  She is a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy that was brought back from Sweden.  What a beautiful girl.  Notice the difference in scenery compared to where I live.
This says it all...a boot sucking day.
It was raining this morning and the temperature dropped to the 30s.  I went out early to groom seven horses before I could put their blankets back on.  They were so covered with dry mud I had to use a shedding blade.
I left them out in the elements while I cleaned the stalls and by 9:40 had to put them back in because they were soaked and I felt sorry for them.
Abbe had enough smarts to eat under the shed roof.  One corner of Joe's big area has developed a nice puddle.  I keep trying to get rid of the water and it comes back.  There has been a tremendous amount of melting.
This is how the pastures looked this morning.
....still morning.....
and this is how they looked at night....
By tomorrow morning they should be totally flooded if it doesn't stop raining.
The horses are not used to being in the barn all day, so I kicked them out and cleaned stalls again before I set up the evening feed.  When they came in at 5:30, they all looked like this.

I actually tried to take a nap today and it really messed up my rhythm...Did that ever happen to you?  I would have been better off staying up.  Last night I kept listening for the 60 mph winds and this morning I got up early...you would think a nap would be a good thing.


  1. I feel for you. Mud and muck is the worst. I'd much rather have -40...it's dry and clean. I don't do mud, can't stand to have my hands dirty. Too bad the ground didn't have a slight mound to it so the water ran away. Of course, the guy next door might not like that. I hope you get some relief soon. You work so hard to take such great care of your babies.

  2. The snow has finally melted but we are now surrounded by puddles and muck, muck, muck everywhere you go! Blah! What I need is to get me some boots like you have on! Now here's a question: how do the horses handle extreme weather? Below freezing temperature and above 100 degree weather? What do you do?

  3. Aw, Lori, you should bring your pack to Niger! It may be a little cold right now, but it's dry at least!

    Warm greetings from Africa,

    PS: Esther says hi!

  4. Lori,
    While I was out there doing my chores I wondered how Lori would desribe this day.

    " A boot-sucking day" Perfect! Wasn't it , though!

  5. Boot sucking just about covers it. We still have lots of snow, but mostly ice. Those winds were horrific yesterday. At least the sun is shining today even if it is cold. Have a great Valentine's Day...

  6. I discover you from Phyto : have a good week end !

  7. Did you get snow after all that rain? We've still got a skating rink in the pasture and lots of puddles. Tonight, it's going to freeze again. When I was young, I always took off for California in February, to the desert to warm up. Those were the days!

  8. I am actually looking forward to a wetter day here in Oregon, it's funny too as noone liies how much it rains usually but we all are agreeing for the warm to come it must rain again!...Leave this freezing stuff behind!

    Your Green blanketed horses in a row were heavy looking with rain!
    I hope you get a sun break for Valentine's!!

  9. You have no snow, that's good. I am afraid the mud will stay for several days.
    The weather is not nice nowadays, but the spring will come soon.


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