Sunday, February 1, 2009


I dug out my old camera, taped the bottom so the batteries made proper contact, and am back in business.  After going out to buy groceries, I came home and attempted to invent a sauce to go on chicken wings.  We are going to a friends house with our daughter's family and many others....to watch the Super Bowl (I'm really not that interested...but I want Pittsburgh to win). Anyway, we are all supposed to bring a sauce and will be having a contest to see whose is the tastiest!  Our hosts have 250 wings waiting to be tested!!!!  Crazy huh???  
At 3:30 I went out to soak hay cubes and decided to do some testing with the "oldie."

What a beautiful day this is.  I believe the temperature is now a little over 40.  

The snow is melting and it feels so fine.

Several of the horses went into the indoor to check things out, and my camera didn't work as well as I would like it to.

Tomorrow is supposed to be mild too.  I hope the conditions are better for all of you who live in the "snow zone."


  1. the pictures look fine. I hope this weather lasts but I think it is going to get a little colder come Tuesday. Have fun at the game, hope your sauce wins.

  2. Hard to believe we have a 75 degree difference! I never tire of looking at your horses. I hope your camera issues are resolved soon. I would go nuts without a camera!


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