Thursday, February 5, 2009


This morning when I went out to do chores, it was 1 DEGREE!!!!!  I have had it with this weather!  Gayle (in Fairbanks, Alaska) I don't know how you do it....
I'm still cold...
Lucky for the ponies, the sun was strong and it went up to a balmy 12 or so.  I try to put the hay in the sunny areas to keep them as spoiled as possible.
The blue sky is very encouraging, and we may have temperatures between 30 and 40 for the next 10 days.  All this weather talk....From what I have read, many others have also reached their capacity.
My old taped camera is giving me problems so I may have to switch to file photos of anything that looks like spring.  (By now they should be repairing my other one).  I am also in the mood to make a few changes to my Journal....aesthetic changes....what the heck.  This month I will have blogged every day for a full year.  I didn't start my counter until last spring and have had over 26,000 hits that are on record.  What fun this has been.  Today I learned that Lynda @ Food, Fun and Farm Life (Africa) has had many of her posts published in the Chicago Sun Times and Reuters.  How about that???  All of you great writers out there are going to go places with all this attention.


  1. I can tell you I don't do it without whining which is exactly why my husband does the outside chores when it is so bitterly cold...so he doesn't have to listen to me! :) Even then I still have to go out multiple times with the dogs so I can't avoid it altogether. I really am ready for Spring. It seems like we have had an extra long cold spell this year. Spring is still so far away for us. You'll have green grass long before I do. *sigh* I like the look of your site...I want to update mine as well.

  2. I'm with you, I have had enough of this winter. Hopefully, it will get warmer this weekend. Great pictures, hope you get your camera back soon.

  3. I know this weather must be pretty hard on you because you have to work outdoors everyday. One degree! That's without the wind factor, right? Well, blessed be, spring will soon come!!!! Hang in there, Lori.

    Ohhhh, and I love your new picture giving a smooch to Phoebe! Too sweet!


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