Saturday, February 28, 2009


Not only was there snow out there this morning, it was around 10 degrees (going up to the mid 20's).  What do you think of that Miss Niger where it is sweltering?
While I went out to do chores, the two Queens relaxed.
I'm getting closer to a nice portrait of the Gucci.
As you can see by their blankets (Ken Mac of NYC calls them sweaters), they all rolled in the wet mud yesterday.
Each morning when I am finished with chores, I take the dogs out for a little jaunt.
This is almost an action shot....
Need I say more?  Today's weather has been brought to you by the Skoog Farm Dog and Pony Show....


  1. Hi Lori----We have been in FL since mid Jan.----I read your blog every day to keep up with Bkpt news----Love your new pup----Sara


  2. Cute...dog and pony!
    I spent 30 minutes brushing Wa's muddified blanket the others day in hopes of going longer without having it washed! I had a major dust stom...but it turned blue again and I may go nto spring if I do that inbetween rollings!

    The White Snow occured here again day before yesterday...no more please!Need to trailer out tomorrow!
    Though...it was a heavenly beautiful sight!

  3. Well the spring will come soon. Let's hope the snow will become water soon.

  4. Your girls look like they had as much fun as my six, but oh, wet dog. Not my favorite smell. So when will it quit snowing there?

  5. It's coming our way too. I knew that Mother Nature was teasing us with that warm weather. The worst part is that the ice finally melted and now, we're going to have to start all over again.

  6. I hear you about the snow (Yuck). We got snow AND ICE just the other day and I just wanted to hide in my apartment and CRY. I'm ready for spring!

    I love the action shot of Phoebe and Gucci. I'll bet that would be a hard one to get again..LOL They sure look like they are having a good time and getting along well!

  7. I wish all weather reports were this lively.


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