Monday, February 23, 2009


This morning the clouds were so thick, the sun could hardly shine through.  A freezin' 18 degrees with lots of wind.  My hands were so cold I thought I was going to have to come in from the barn to warm up.

Gucci is getting used to the snow.  She decided there was something under the back porch.

Probably a squirrel or chipmunk....
Phoebe joined her, but nothing turned up.
in your face....
Starting late yesterday, Gucci began to eat and wanted to play with Phoebe (who is not sure if she should let her guard down).  Today they both joined me for three or four errands.  I put coats on them and both were happy to be warm.  
When we got home, Phoebe went in Gucci's bed and vise versa.

There may be a PS to the naming of this puppy.  This morning Esther referred to her as Mademoiselle and I kinda like that French flair.  So how's this:
When I got her license this afternoon, I just said her name was Miss Gucci.


  1. Mademoiselle Gucci (Poochie) 'Lizbet Skoog is ADORABLE....boy that's a mouthful. Hopefully she's good dog and you won't have to yell that one too many times - LOL

    As always, I love pictures...and I think I'm falling in love with Joe. The old man really touches my heart and find myself checking your blog daily for pictures of him!

    I have a little award for you over at my blog -- so when you get a few free minutes, please check it out.


  2. Mademoiselle Gucci is adorable and the French flair suits her so well! When you want to shorten that up, that'll be Miss Phoebe and Melle Gucci! Sounds fab to me! :-D

    "The Shebis" as she is sometimes called [becoming "Shebisen" in Swedish] in here in Africa sends big wet licks to the Skoog princesses!


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