Sunday, May 19, 2024

Rebel and Buddy Have Their Golf Course Back

Little Wonder was waiting patiently to go outside.

It was very foggy when we went out to the barn....

but it did not last for long.  We had gorgeous skies for the rest of the day and the temperature was in the high 70s.
Gary went to Brockport to help a friend hang some plants and I started mowing the pastures around 9:30.  The new lawn tractor was doing it's thing.
This was the first mowing of the big pasture and parts of it were very thick on the East end.

I started in the back and worked my way forward.

The boys kept me company and it took a long time to do the biggest section.

Little Wonder was out supervising until lunchtime and then I left him in the house.
The sun put a spotlight on the newest blossom....lunch break.
Then I was back at it.

The fields around us have all been worked up and I have no idea what is being planted.  Soy beans or corn?
I had already mown the small pasture once, so it was a piece of cake.
I left the outdoor arena longish and finished in the front paddock.
My buddy and I took a little rest and then
we had dinner.  Sloppy Joes, corn and a spinach salad.

Tucked the boys in around 8.  There were still a lot of gnats and they were happy to go in their stalls.

Night all.



Nancy J said...

Lawn tennis or a bowling green, looks amazing.

Val Ewing said...

That is a lot of mowing!
Wish I could mow our pasture. Too many trees, rocks and steep inclines.

Looks nice.

Sandra said...

Your pastures look pretty. I mow once, in July to cut the weeds back before they seed. Otherwise it's food for horses. On good years the grass is high. Happy the new mower is working out for you.