Saturday, May 18, 2024

John Deere Arrived....

A beautiful day.  Not too hot.

Rebel was watching out for me this morning.

Shortly after I finished chores the lawn tractor was delivered.

Gary filled it up with gas and I read over part of the Manual before trying it out.
His veggies are really taking off.  Below are potatoes.

As soon as the sun warmed things up the boys were back in the run in so I put on their masks and offered a couple hay nets.  They did not go for the hay, but went back out to the pasture.

Greg K. brought us a box of alliums to share with Nancy and Lori.
Because I was in need of something sweet, I made an Apple Betty with crasins and walnuts.

The rhubarb is making a comeback and Gary sold three bunches today.

There was some good light coming in this afternoon.
Little Wonder was panting off and on and it's not even real hot yet!
Tucked the boys in at 7:45.

Gary planted a few more things....
then we had a late dinner....soup and sandwiches.

Night all.



Nancy J said...

Tomorrow must be play day, It looks great and will make the mowing a whole lot easier. Love the ark and one sheep.

SmartAlex said...

The garden is looking wonderful. I'll bet that mower still has that new mower smell!

Sandra said...

Your new mower looks sleek! We don't have anything planted yet. The rule of thumb here is to wait until after Memorial Day to avoid the risk of frost. Climate change seems to be changing that, though.