Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Rebel and Buddy Love Their Spa Days

Yikes.  90 degrees today.  I think my friend Sandra has sent it to me from Minnesota!

Fortunately it cooled off last night so it was not too bad this morning.

Put the fan on in the run-in as the boys were in and out.
Right after chores I started mowing the lawn and got half of it done before Alice arrived.

Rebel and Buddy were happy to come in on their own today.
Alice has the routine down to a science.

Rebel napped while Buddy was groomed and he almost fell asleep when it was his turn.

Buddy would not leave the lead ropes alone.

He looked like he was spit shined today.

Fortunately, the grooming room is insulated and with the fan going it was very comfortable.
After lunch I finished mowing the lawn.

Made some pasta salad for dinner.
We ate late as Gary had an appointment so the boys were tucked in a little after 8.

Little Wonder spent a lot of time in front of a fan today.
Night all.



Nancy J said...

Spit and polish, so the army says, and that lawn, beautiful and surely much easier with the new mower.

Sandra said...

Sorry 'bout that! I cannot mow when it's hot like that. I am a wilting flower. I think it is fantastic for that Alice has her time with the boys. And the boys....they look fabulous!