Tuesday, May 28, 2024

If It's Tuesday

 In the high 60s today...very grey and damp.

Hopefully the bugs were going to give the horses a little break.

I did a couple things around the house and then Alice arrived at 10.  The boys were a little coy,
but they came in when they were bribed with a cookie.

Once again, Rebel waited patiently for his turn.

Alice would love to take him home with her.

When finished, we went out to lunch at Stones and had Pittsburgh salads.
Back home around 1:30 and watched the trial with my buddy.
Gary had Yoga, went out to lunch and had a meeting for the upcoming garden tour.  Seeing that we both  indulged in lunch, I did not make dinner.  Whatever.  Whatever. I had French toast.

Tucked the boys in at 8 and am off duty.
Night all.

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Sandra said...

They are beautiful boys. We have sunshine today! And mosquitos.