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Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Second Annual Farm to Table to Excellence Dinner

In the 50s this morning.
 A non-stop day.

 After chores I caught a short break in the house and then
got Rebel out of the pasture and took him into the grooming room.
 My friend Mary Lee and her horse, Bella, were coming over to ride.
(She was actually babysitting me).
Before she got here I walked Rebel around the indoor and then we went to 
the outdoor arena.
 He kept calling out to his girls.

 He was curious when Mary Lee pulled in with her trailer
but was not that excited about her horse.
 Because Rebel was still a little antsy we continued to walk around for about 15 minutes.  Once I got on him he was fine.
 It was good to have company and he behaved himself back in the grooming room.
Another reason Mary Lee came over, was to give me a copy of her newly published book.  "While Mare."  We had discussed it while in progress and now it is here and
available!  A sweet story and gorgeous illustrations by Marilyn Alice Boyle.
Here are two examples.

 After that, I went out to Glen Darach Farm to pick up Helen, who is from Scotland.  Each year she visits her sister for several weeks and we kidnap her for a few of 
those days so we can run around and find fun things to do.
 Of course I had to grab a picture of her and Andrea (who was cleaning stalls).
 From there we went to Stutzman's where I was able to have a pick up installed in my 
baritone ukulele.  Did not expect that to happen, but they had just what I needed.
On the way back to the farm we stopped at Roger and Tina's where we were gifted a couple of tickets to tonight's Farm to Table Dinner!!!!  What a treat!
 Helen got to me Loki.

 We did nothing when we got back to the farm and at 5 left for Kirby's,
where the Dinner was taking place.  Gary, always the gentleman, volunteered
to stay home so Helen could have this experience.
The pumpkins on the path led us back to the action.

 What a great menu!
Everything was set up beautifully, and the appetizers were unique and delicious.

 My favorite was plum chutney on cream cheese.

 I introduced Helen to dozens of people....many already had read
about her on my Journal or FB and knew she was in town from Scotland.
 We went on a wagon ride through the farm before dinner.

 Our dinner was served in one of the greenhouses.
Exquisite table settings.

 (could not resist taking a photo of these shutters)

 The organic beef was from Robb's Farm and is by far the best I have ever tasted!
(Check the menu for the rest of the details)

 A very special evening.
Thank you Roger and Tina...you missed a good one.
 Night all.


  1. Oh Lori, what a wonderful and memorable evening, and day too! I'm sure you're worn out, but it's really the best of "tired!"

  2. Candles, fairy lights and pumpkins, what a wonderful magical setting, and for Helen to be there too, very special. p.s. then the menu, I would be stuck to choose? Is stuck the right word?


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