The Rebel


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Angel and Maggie Show....

 Another beautiful morning.

Kathy got here around 7:30 and Seymour was ready to take up residence in her car.
 By the time I got out to the barn, the girls were already in the pasture.

 Chorus at 10.

 And a performance at 2:30.
 We go to this venue twice a year.  Today we had quite an audience, and it's the first time a pup joined us.  What a cutie!!!!

 Home by 3 and out for chores around 6.

 Maggie and Angel were not remotely interested in going in the barn.
 Finally, they gave up.
Night all.


Terry said...

Yay! Gorgeous weather at last.

Cloudia said...

Heavenly, at Skoog Farm!

ALOHA from Honolulu

Nancy J said...

More tulips every day, a captive audience, lovely wee doggie, and the girls, their coats shine. Cheers, Jean

Dreaming said...

Wow! Spring certainly has come! Things are so green at your place.

Oak Creek Ranch said...

Beautiful bay girls. TBs are eye candy.

Anonymous said...

Lovely shots of your horses and tulips.