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Saturday, May 3, 2014

LOW BRIDGE HIGH WATER - A Canal Opening Celebration

There was a lot of activity in our little village today.
 A good opportunity to grab some photos.

At 10 I started out at Corbett Park where the Brockport Police were hosting the Barge Charge, a 5K run.
 Jenny and her friend Karen were participating.

There was a little rain on the course, but no biggie.

 From there I went over to the Welcome Center, where things were just getting started.

 We were fighting off the rain.  It's a good thing the Golden Eagle String Band was under cover.

 A Sculling Regatta started in Spencerport and ended up here a little after 11.

 The Goetz family was watching from the raised bridge.

 After all the sculls arrived, prizes were awarded to 4th graders who won the poster contest for Low Bridge High Water.  Next year the first place winner's entry will be used in advertising and posters for this event.

 Then medals were handed out to the participants in the regatta.

 Last but not least, was a pizza contest.  50 people were given score sheets and had the opportunity to taste the pizza from three different local pizza shops and rate them.

 That was it for the first part of the day.

Our last activity for the day was "A Taste of Brockport."  At 6 we started visiting 8 different restaurants to sample featured items.
 Our first stop was Barber's.....
where we were served Balboas, pickles, kettle chips and hot sauce.
Mark was playing his sax out front.

 We chose that as our first stop so we could watch the Kentucky Derby.

Tina and Roger showed up along with the usual suspects.

 It was a great time and I was not surprised that California Chrome was the winner.

Next we went over to A Different Path Gallery which not only served food....there was music!
 We sang and ate!  There was even a new show that we checked out.
 The work was by members the The Brockport Artists' Guild.

 While we were there, there was a fierce downpour with wild winds.  Herb and Alicia were soaked when they arrived.
 Gary was kind enough to get the van and we drove down to 58 Main for smoked wings.
 The rain let up a little while we were driving up to Coleen's.

 We could chose from 3 soups and chili with corn bread muffins.
 Java junction was a few doors down.  They served several soups, cauliflower tarts and coffee.
 By then it was starting to clear up and we went across the street to the Red Bird Cafe for a taste of cheesecake.

 The sun made an appearance.
 We hustled over to Fazool's but got there too late to eat anything.
Also did not make it to Jimmy Z's.

Another great night.  Brockport's got it!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Wow, now that was a busy but fun day!

Nancy J said...

Wow!! from me too, Brockport has it all!!! What a wonderful day for everyone, visitors, participants and family. And to end it off to perfection, a meal in each café to dream about. Cheers, Jean

thecrazysheeplady said...


Terry said...

What a feast! And what a cool town!