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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Before and After

What a beautiful day!

 Is Maggie smart or what?  She picked a spot in the back pasture next to the hay so when she went down she could eat.

 After chores Gordon B. came up to rototill the rings and gardens.  After being flooded and covered with ice starting last November, the outdoor arena finally dried out and looked terrible.  Here is the before shot.
 and the after....
 He also did the indoor.  This has me motivated!

 Then he started on the gardens.  Notice the garlic on the right.  It's almost 16 inches high.
 Berlin and Abbe were observing.
 We also started a new garden area.  He brought his front loader and dumped in about 15 buckets of horse manure.
 I have no ideas what is going to go in all theses gardens.
We will be able to watch the rhubarb growing tomorrow when it hits 80.
 Gorden never stopped for 2 hours and we got a lot accomplished.
 There were a lot of gnats in the air today so I put masks on the girls.
As soon as they had access to the indoor, they all went in, ran around and rolled.

 I met Pam K. at Sagawa Park on my way to bridge.  Pro- Brockport and the Art & Aesthetics Committee are working together to raise funds for a mural back where that fence is....
 Pam has worked very hard on the gardens here and they are really well established.
Does anyone know what this flower is?
 Since spring arrived, things are really shaping up.

 I was ready to cool it this afternoon and was happy to go play cards.
This is Arlene S.  She is 92 years old and still does all the scoring for our duplicate bridge games.
 As usual, there were plenty of snacks.
 My partner was Terry C. and we tied for 3rd place.

All the magnolia trees in the area are in full bloom.
 I'm starting to feed the horses at 5 now and put them back outside for awhile.
 Too beautiful for them to go in for the night when the sun is still out.
 Eggs, homefries, toast and juice for dinner.  Tasted great to me.
 Jenny delivered shirts from the Cancer Coalition in Rochester (their office is next to hers).  On Sunday 14 of us are going to go into Genesee Valley Park to drum for the Pink Ribbon Run and Walk and we will be a vision in magenta.  Hopefully the weather will hold out.  Jenny is a cancer survivor and will be running.
Night all.


Pat Allen said...

The little yellow flowers are cottage tulips

Val Ewing said...

I am green with envy over your outdoor arena. I have an indoor round pen which we got all cleaned up and spruced up to start training with Dynah, Sundance -- mules and Princess and Eddie -- donkeys this spring and summer.
I am looking forward to that also!

Beautiful gardens!
Color me jealous.

Sharon Creech said...

So much accomplished in one day! I'm agog. xx

Unknown said...

There's a lot to be said for small town life, Lori.