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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Home, Home On The Range

First of all, the weather was absolutely perfect today.  In the 70s and no humidity to speak of.
Karen and I did the chores and reconfigured a couple of mats in Berlin's stall.  The girls had free choice as to where they wanted to be, and they picked the mown grass paddocks.
 Because they are spoiled rotten, they can get out of the sun by going in the indoor area and spend a fair amount of time there (making sure there is plenty of manure to pick).
 Karen took Maggie down the lane for a nice walk....
 while Angel watched from the indoor.
 Decided to keep hay in the nets now, as they have not been eating much and just walk through it...that's why it's so fluffy under the shed roof.  Oddly enough, they don't drop manure there and it stays very clean.
 As soon as Karen got back from her ride....

 Angel made sure she got back in the picture.  (She was ridden yesterday).

 In the meantime I started mowing the big pasture.
 What a difference....

  I was taking a break when a friend of Gary's stopped over to show him what he bought himself for this seventy second birthday...which was today.  An 86 Corvette.  And guess what!  He did not tell his wife he was going to do it.  Bet she was surprised when he got home.
 Went back out and worked on the front paddock.  A long time ago this was a cow farm and the area is covered in cement.  There is a build up of dirt and hay on it...enough to let the grass grow.  This winter when it was icy we covered the entire area with straw (leftovers from Halloween decorations) and it finally got mulched.  Hopefully it will fill in again.
 Last but not least was the biggest part of the pasture and it took me a couple of hours.  Lookin' like a golf course.

 Fed at 6 and put the girls back out.

 Their coats are getting gorgeous.
Rest time.
Night all


Dreaming said...

Your paddocks and pasture look so beautiful. Mr. Dreamy started mowing our pasture yesterday - but it is on a hill, so it doesn't have the same look!

Jo said...

I just love being back in Tanzania and wandering through your beautiful farm. Thanks for sharing...

Val Ewing said...

Looks fantastic. I've been after my hubby to get some pasture mowing done, I think it would improve the growth.

We are still putting in posts, and rebuilding fences.

Everyone looks so silky and shiny!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Those girls are sure looking good!

Sharon Creech said...

Look at those glistening pony coats and green, green pastures!