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Monday, May 26, 2014


Another beauty...can't complain.  Busy from sunrise to sunset.
 The morning routine around here is the same everyday.  Up with the sun,  let out the dogs, feed the dogs, feed the cats, out to the barn, Karen feeds grain and supplements and measures out the grain for the night feeding, put out hay, brush horses, put on masks, clean the stalls, sweep the aisle and the feed room, pick the indoor....blah, blah, blah.

 Do you think Phoebe and Gucci are joined at the hip?

 Today we had two sets of early visitors.  One group took two pick up truck loads of manure for their garden and the others went away with day lilies, snow on the mountain and some hostas.  Gary worked at Sara's and the place was jumpin'.

By the time he got home I was ready to run some errands.
First I went to Wegmans....
 then to Sara's to buy a hat like the one Helen bought a couple of days ago...and a bag of organic something or other for Gary to put around the plants he just bought.

 Needed to get gas for my car and more for the lawn mowers as I used up a lot mowing all the pastures.

 Now that the leaves are out on the trees, the village looks even better.

 Last stop was Country Max...

 where I got Phoebe and Gucci new collars...the color-mango.

It was 82 degrees when I put the horses in and I left them there while we ate dinner.
 If you are a might like this.
The salad was made with romaine, onion, oranges, bananas and crumbly blue (Ummmmmm, Saint Tim's favorite).
 I doubt if you have ever had this casserole as it is my invention.  Ready?
Start with a big pot, throw in whole cauliflower that has been broken into flowerettes (is that a word?), add 1 large onion diced, and 3 or 4 carrots sliced.  You can add a little veggie stock to the water or leave it as is.  It does not take very long for all of this to get fork tender.  Drain it, and then make a cheese sauce (I put a little salt in a frying pan, add butter and flour then milk and finally grated extra sharp cheddar cheese).  In the meantime, make three hard boiled eggs.  Cover the veggies with the cheese sauce and add fresh ground pepper.  Place in oven at 350 degrees until it bubbles, then add hardboiled eggs a few minutes before it is to be eaten.
 Served it with an organic multi-grain roll.
 After that, I went back to the barn and let the girls out while I mowed the yard.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow and the grass is still growing like crazy.
 There was body language all over the place.

 The sky was gorgeous.

 Almost dark when I finished.  Tucked the girls in...

 and here I am.  Yes, we have twinkie light year round.
Night all.


thecrazysheeplady said...

Sounds yummy! said...

Gorgeous horse pictures Lori!
& the food, Oh my gosh - so yummy, your cauliflower dish sounds like it is to die for!

Terry said...

Yep, the chores never end! But summer sure is easier with the horses outside more.