Saturday, May 24, 2014

One Thing After Another....

 Holy Moley!  This morning the sky was so bright at 5am I thought I had slept in.  What a perfectly beautiful day.....all day.

 Karen and I did chores and then I mowed the two small grass paddocks.  They look so much better.

 I'll have to tackle the big pasture another time.

 When I got back to the house, Helen (stayed here last night) was out on the back porch sitting in a pool of light, eating her breakfast and reading a book about birds.
 I kept trying to take a shower but there was too much going on.  Karen came back and rode Angel....

 Gary started working on the garden behind the kitchen....
 Fred came out with his new dog to help Karen in the barn...
Jenny and Scott showed up with Ice and Buster for a walk down the lane...
 When they got back Jenny wondered if we had any rhubarb pie left from last nights dinner
so we finished that off, except for Scott who had ice cream...and that was before lunch!  The desert first generation.  Ha ha.

 Next, along came Jerry with a hay delivery for Karen.

Finally took a shower and  Helen and I headed down to the village for lunch.
 No Greek Panini today,  Java's kitchen was closed.
We went over to the Red Bird and both ordered the always delicious chicken salad.
 There is a shop in front of the tea room, and this sign was there.
 After that, we went over to Sara's to buy some flowers for the back garden.
 (This is where Gary works part time).

 There are many settings available for weddings and prom pictures.

 The woman on the right is Kathy, one of the owners of this beautiful nursery...
 and the man in the blue shirt is Steve, her husband.  Believe me, they work their butts off.
 This is what I bought.
 Helen got a new garden hat.
We were not done yet!  A quick trip to Aldis and Wegmans before returning to Glen Darach.
 Home at 5:30 and it was chore time again.

 Leftovers for dinner.

 As usual, that evening light was coming in the west windows.
Night all.  Time to tuck in the girls.


Val Ewing said...

Sounds like a wonderfully busy life!

Sharon Creech said...

Ah, a sunny day makes everything that much nicer, mm?