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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Catching Up...

 Yesterday, you did not get to follow me around as I was busy returning to black and white.  The sunrise was beautiful.

Gucci and Phoebe helped me with chores...

and then it was time for class.  Tina had a private lesson and Joanne stopped in to show me her latest collage.

 Gucci and Tina have been pals forever because she never fails to bring along special treats.
 As I went back to the house, I was slow on the draw getting my camera out so I could capture a "snowfall" of petals from the weeping crabapple tree.  Just missed it, and then the breeze stopped.

 Last night after dinner I went down to vote on the school budget and for two new board members.  I am happy to say that two friends won, and now have the opportunity to make some positive changes.

Yesterday I brought these tulips into the house and they were wide open all day long.  This morning they looked like this.

I'm loving these coolish mornings...the girls do too.
 After chores I dragged the indoor and outdoor arenas.
 It was too soft on the east end and I almost got stuck, so I did  what I could.
 There's a lot of ginormous equipment in the field next to the lane....they did not do anything with it today....maybe tomorrow.  100 acres of snap beans coming up.

 I am very concerned about all the spraying and don't want any drift getting on our property.  Am tempted to have our veggies tested, as they are all organic.  There is a big case going on in Australia over this issue.  Two farms that boarder each other are in a law suit as the organic farmer could not sell his crop due to the influence of his neighbor's GMO planting.  Those chemicals showed up in 80% of it and he is suing for an $80.000 loss.  If he wins this could start happening all over the place.

On a brighter note, you could smell the lilacs from across the yard.
 See those little green things below?  Our beets have started to appear.   Two days ago Gary planted spinach and I can't wait until it is ready for salads.
 We traded a couple of bags of rhubarb for more strawberries.  They will have to be put in the ground soon.
 We already have 3 raised beds and a long row...another one will be needed.

Today we were supposed to have our chorus picnic at the home of our director, but with the threat of heavy rain (never happened) we relocated to the Senior Center where we hold our rehearsals.

 A great turnout and a delicious pot luck.

 While we were eating, we watched a video of our performance from last Friday.
 We participate in the Duck Derby (held in August on the Erie Canal) by organizing all the tickets and selling them before and during the Arts Festival.  This is how we earn money to pay our director and it happens to be a lot of fun.  We are fortunate that BISCO (service groups in Brockport) is happy to have us do this, and we managed to get all the tickets organized today.  Thank you Bonnie S.!
 I started mowing the lawn when I got home and within half an hour my friend Jean stopped in.  She lives in Missouri and is here visiting her Mom and Sisters.  We always have a nice time catching up.
 Gary met Finn and Coop after school and then had a board meeting, so I was on my own.
Fed the girls at 6 and finished mowing.

 It was very buggy and they were shaking their heads, so I just put them in for the night.
 They all thanked me.

Time to sign off. 
Night all.

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Victoria Cummings said...

Ah, Lori, how lucky your horses and your students are -- every time I see a photo of your barn or your studio or your gardens, I am in awe! What a wonderful life you and Gary have in Brockport! BTW, the bugs are also fierce here already. Must be all the rain we are getting.