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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer In The City

A beautiful morning.  We are still full of water...did not go down at all.  That's what happens when you have 3+ inches in a short period of time.
 I'll bet Miss Piggy is the one who knocked down this board trying to get apples.
Giving me that innocent look.

 And here, for your viewing pleasure, is a horse ball.
 When I got back to the house, caught Seymour catching a snooze on the back porch.  Still a little cool...don't think it hit 70 today and that is fine with me.
 More veggies...peppers, cucumbers and zukes.
 Class at 10:30...all are doing well.

 Seeing that I love my new pasta gizmo, had Karen stop on her way home from work and made her a bowl full to take home for dinner.  Actually, next week I plan to take it out to the studio and do this for all my students.  What an outlet!!!!
 Can't resist taking pictures of the flowers...our gardens are loaded.

 In fact, it's like a jungle out there and Gary had to start cleaning out this afternoon.  Those weeds are loving all the water.

 Remember my celery experiment?  Well it looks pretty successful to me.  It's grown a foot (ha ha! not as in feet).
 Karen offered to do evening chores and we drove into Rochester for an anniversary dinner.

 The city is looking great!

 Gary made reservations at Rocco.  We know the chef/owner and brought him some garlic.

 Love everything about this place...even the way they present the silverware and napkin.
 We started off splitting an appetizer (burrata e mellanzane arrosta)
 and a salad (insalata italiano rocco), which could have been my whole meal.
 I ordered costola di maiale e mozzarella fritte
and Gary had grilled chicken, mushrooms and polenta with red pepper ketchup served on a bed of greens (can't remember the Italian for this one) .  He also had to help me out with the pork chop and still could have had dessert (but we did not).  Said it was the best meal he has ever had in a restaurant.
Mark knows what he is doing and has a thriving business.  Even added a patio out back.  In August he will feature a week of garlic specials and plans to come out to our farm to get some of Gary's harvest.  I would give this place 5 stars!
We left the city by 8 o'clock...ready for a nap.
Night all.


thecrazysheeplady said...

Happy Anniversary :-D.

Terry said...

Happy anniversary! That patio looks so inviting.
Hope you dry out soon, but not too much.