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Friday, July 11, 2014

Update, Posies, Produce and Fine Dining

 Yesterday the kids took a break on their way to Atlantic City.
Today they spent the afternoon on the beach.  I don't think they are having a very good time!

 Meanwhile back at the ranch...the same old same old.
 The grass I planted in the outdoor arena is starting to grow.  Look forward to mowing it someday....who knows, maybe it will handle the heavy rains better.
 After chores I picked some wild blackberries
 and the last of the strawberries.
 On to the spinach...
 and beets.

 Mowed the front paddock so I could mulch the hay.  It is starting to fill in.

 Pickled the beets...first of the season.
 Some wax beans snuck up on me so I picked them for tomorrow nights dinner.
 Judy and Ben stopped up to pick some spinach and rhubarb.  I am actually going to make 
a pie ....really.
 Karen had chore duty and we were invited out to Ron and Ann's for our monthly dinner with them, Al and Brenda.  I made a salad out of our own spinach, onion, blackberries, strawberries, a nectarine from Weggies and a little swiss cheese.  Eat your heart out Saint Tim.
 We drove through the village just as the Sidewalk Sale was winding down.

 When we got out to Hamlin we were greeted by a door painting in progress.

 Here's the menu.
Hows this for Roasted Pineapple....unbelievable flavors!

 Dessert was gingerbread with a lemon sauce.
 We really look forward to these meals, which are always exceptional (if I do say so myself).
 Good friends and good food...can't beat it.

Home by 10.
Night all.


  1. Guess you got a shot of the super moon too. btw Striking banner... again.

  2. I'll be headed out after chores to pick black berries too!

    Yum, I can't wait!

    Looks like you are having quite the summer, almost makes winter worth it?

  3. Wait. You put swiss cheese with fruit??? Even I might draw the line at that.

  4. Everything looks delicious! It's so nice to be able to eat all the fresh produce form your own gardens.

  5. You said it all about good friends and good food! Loved the photos today. Lots of good things.

  6. What a fantastic day. Now share those berries lady
    Lily & Edward

  7. Even your laundry is pretty.
    If I was around all that wonderful food, I'd weigh 500 pounds.
    The kids are adorable, as always. Such a pleasure to see them.


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