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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Could I Fit A Little More Into One Day?

 Around 3am we had one wild and crazy thunderstorm with lots of lightning and very heavy rain.  Needless to say, it interrupted my sleep.  No wonder I am tired today.

"Sunday on the Canal" featured Zorkie Nelson...and a Ghanaian Drum and Dance Group.  Fortunately the weather cleared up by then so they could perform by the Canal.

These programs, presented by the Greater Brockport Development Corporation and sponsored by the New York Folklore Society along with the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor...have been outstanding!  And they are free!

 It all ended with a little active participation.  We were invited to drum and dance.  I chose drumming.

Thanks to Lisa Overholser who made all of this possible.

 Jacquie and Gary have been very busy with the logistics.

 Home around 2:30 and at 4, had a meeting at Gingerbread Manor (a B&B just down the road a piece).  I may be doing a drumming circle there in September.  Darla and I came up with all kinds of ideas.
 Did not get back to the farm until just before 6, and started getting dinner ready.
Do you know what this thing is?  My new favorite piece of equipment.  Saw it at Wegmans and it is the only time I have for fallen for something like this.
 Cut a medium zucchini in half and put in either end (one is fine, one is thicker), keeping the blade side down.  Turn the zucchini and out comes the "spaghetti."

 We picked a lot of produce from our garden today, so I thought I would make a stir fry.
Snow peas...
 onions, zucchini, green pepper and carrots (the only thing not from our garden).
 Earlier I sliced up 1 boneless pork chop and marinated it in low sodium soy sauce.
Started off with that, then
 added onion
 snow peas

and green peppers.
 While that was cooking I put some olive oil in another pan with a little onion and the "spaghetti".
 After stir frying for a few minutes I decided to add a little chicken stock and soy sauce for additional flavoring and covered it.
Created a sweet and sour sauce for the veggies and pork (soy, vinegar, sugar and cornstarch).
 Then I covered everything and went out to tuck the girls in.
 It was very humid and buggy...looks like more rain.

Time to eat!
 It was delish.
Sara, you could make this without the meat and it would be just as good.
 I need some rest.
Night all.

Look who's in Las Vegas.
Boy, I would love to have a little pool like this.  Really miss ours.

 Finn, Coop and Jen were very happy to see each other.
Headin' home soon.


  1. Looks good! Who thinks up these cool things? Is that pool one of the exercise pools or just a cute little pool?

  2. Before I read your post I immediately answered your title question. You ALWAYS seem to fit one more thing in!!
    Love your veggie-sketti!
    I'll have to get one to deal with my overflow!

  3. Lori, if I did what you do in a day, I'd be exhausted.
    Love your new gizmo.

  4. Is that all you did today! I think you need to take a day off and just read a book.

    Love that Zucchini gadget.


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