Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Enough Already!!!!

 It was outrageously cold this morning, so we closed Moon in her run-in and the rest of the girls went in the indoor with many piles of hay.  Of course Abbe had to roll.

 Karen, Lorrie and I cleaned the stalls and put them back in around 9.  I'm sure they were thrilled.

When I went back out to give them warm water and more hay around 2 it was crazy out there.  Almost a whiteout and it had to be at least -20.  This is how the storm door to the kitchen looked.

Sidney has spent most of the time inside.  He only asks to go outside for potty breaks.

 This afternoon he and Gucci jumped up on me (I was snoozing by the fire) to take a nap.

 Phoebe stuck to her spot on the couch.

At last I have some new color in the kitchen.

Gary helped me with evening chores.  Moon had the run of the place and the rest of the girls went back in the indoor while we cleaned the stalls and reset them for the night.

 Karen was kind enough to drive here in terrible conditions (after she got out of work) to clean her horse's stalls.  She is very dedicated to Angel and Maggie.

They say it could go up to 19 degrees tomorrow.  That would mean something if they could guarantee no wind. 
 Felt good to get back in the house.

 Does dinner look familiar?  A replay from last night and it tasted great.
Now, for a hot shower.
Night all.


  1. It's miserable alright. Not as cold as you but windy and going down to 2 tonight. Bet Abbe would have like to have no blanket so she could get good and dirty. A great day to stay inside by the fire. Love your dogs and cats, very smart.

  2. The donkeys would really like to have an indoor to play in right now. This weather is really getting to everybody. Stay safe.

  3. Stay safe and warm! You have it much colder than we do. It was 5 degrees this morning. Fortunately the wind was not as bad as the last two days.I love the picture of Phoebe. She has the sweetest face! Take care of yourself, Lori!

  4. Double blankets, and extra gear for everyone else that is brave enough to venture into the Big Freeze!!! Comfort food, either hay, warm water, or goodies on a plate, eaten in front of the fire. Keep warm and safe, Cheers to all, Jean.

  5. On the news they are saying you should be back to normal Thursday or Friday -- true story? I sure hope so. I can't believe Karen is going to work and driving around in that weather. Stay warm and safe.

  6. Oh my! you are getting the Winter over there. Keep safe.

  7. This winter craziness has been all the buzz.
    I certainly hope that it gets mild for you!

    We are hoping for +2 today. If so, I will be running errands and going to the PO...doing all those things we didn't want to do at -23.

    Stay warm!

  8. Everything is south harder in the cold. Your snow is pretty though. But you can keep it.

  9. Hope you're feeling toastier today! I always enjoy your pics and feel so at home visiting your beautiful blog. Almost like I could pick up a pitchfork and join in... So thankful that we didn't have the snow. But maybe that might have insulated the plants better... Crazy when near thirty seems like cause for the happy dance, huh?1 You are so sweet to compliment my pics, thank you! Glad you find the hype of WIWW crazy too. I feel so old n uncool when I blog hop! ;-P


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