Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Still Busy....

 Much milder this morning and a perfectly beautiful day.

 After chores I went down to a friend's house to hang another sign.
It was quite a challenge with no help, but I had a few laughs.
 My next stop was the Rec Center.  After checking out the Gathering Room I stopped in
at the Chorus rehearsal.

 Judy was there and wanted to go out to lunch so we headed over to the Golden Eagle.  Of course I still had on my barn clothes....a real vision.
Approved of this sign.
 The pups and I went out for a jaunt when I got back to the farm.
Picked up some apples that had dropped.  They were in great shape and
applesauce is on deck for tomorrow

 Gary had a very long board meeting that started at 4:30 and so did not make dinner.
By 6:43 I headed out for my meeting.  The sunset was beautiful.

 Finally, I am here...doing this.  Not so many photos today.

Night all.

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