Thursday, October 12, 2017

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - Frances Apartments

 A very grey and cold start to the day.

 I managed to do a couple things around the house, grabbed a quick shower and was off to 
the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Frances Apartments...arriving at 10:45.
I went as a Town Board member.
 Susan Smith, one of our current candidates for the Town Board, went with me.
 It's a good thing they had set up a tent because it sure felt chilly.
 "Lifetime Assistance, Inc. in partnership with Rochester's Cornerstone Group, has developed
this inclusive affordable housing project in the Town of Sweden.  This 56 unit complex will assure community-based, integrated housing including apartments for citizens with intellectual and developmental disabilities."

"It is named after prominent Brockport native Frances Barrier Williams (1855-1944), a historic champion recognized for her work as a suffragist.  A testament to her courage in promoting civil rights and inclusion."

 Our Town Supervisor was listed as a speaker and when they started the program he was not
there.  I almost thought I might have to say a few words on his behalf....but he made it!
 Remarks were made by 10 people, including Lifetime Assistance Officers and representatives from Monroe County, the Governor's office, bankers, developers  and
 two residents.

 They had all kinds of treats

 and after the ribbon cutting

 Susan and I took a tour of one of the apartments.
 The woman on the right, Patricia P. (87 years old) gave a very moving speech about what it means to live here.  She said it was a real "family neighborhood"
 And this is Luther S-J.  He was the first person to rent an apartment.
So pleased and happy to be on his own in a "perfect space."
His words were also very moving.  Susan had already met him at the Farm Market.
 Here are a couple of shots
 of the interior of the apartment we visited.  This family had just moved in.
 The unique part of this was put up in 300 days and under budget.
It's really like a little village, well landscaped and welcoming.
All of those involved were appreciative of our Town's part in the whole process.
By the way....all of the apartments are already rented.
A real success story.
 After that I stopped at The Lodge on the Canal to see the changes that have been made.
There were many.  At least 6 or 8 new offices between the upstairs and "cafe" room, a nice little conference room and more space for the Lifetime clients to spread out.
Next, I dropped off the flowers for our opening tomorrow night at A Different Path Gallery.

I did not get back to the farm until about 2:30.
Eventually I made sloppy Joes for dinner.
Night all.

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Nancy J said...

How wonderful to have those apartments, well planned, and so successful too. Well done for all the community input.