Thursday, October 26, 2017


It was a little misty this morning but ended up being bright, sunny and around 50 degrees.

 After chores I went down he Town Hall for a Department Head meeting and on the way back I stopped at the Rec Center.  Roger had already installed the cabinetry and it adds so much to the room.  He will also be creating a spot for a commercial coffee pot.  
All kinds of improvement since I started this project.
 I ended up mowing the lawn as it needed to be done.  Over half of the leaves have fallen off the trees and now they are all mulched into the grass.

 Then a wierd thing happened.  I could smell gas in the house and ended up calling the gas company, and they called 911!  I was told to leave the house until they got there and check things out.
So I put the cat out and got in my car with Phoebe
 and Little Wonder.  I grabbed a couple things and took them with me....just in case the house
was going to blow up!
 First the 4 firemen (and they had a huge truck) checked everything and then the RGand E man
arrived and went through the house and basement again.  No leaks.
We tried airing out the house and the stink was still not gone.  It smelled like diesel fuel and
we finally figured it out.  A couple of weeks ago I spilled some gas on one of my Crocs when I was filling up the lawn tractor and for some reason that odor was unbelievably strong today.  Those shoes have been in the house and on my feet all along.  Why today?
 Breakfast for dinner.  It's a no brainer when I am out of gas.
 At 6:45 I drove down to the Rec Center to check out a Halloween party they were holding for children 4th grade and under.  Over 500 people were there...quite a turnout.
 Susan was there with her daughter and granddaughter.
Three cuties.

Back home and ready for a nap.
Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Smelling gas is scary. Glad it turned out to be nothing. The Rec Center looks great and I'm sure everyone had a great time. The costumed little ones are so cute.

Nancy J said...

Oh Dear...Many years ago before we were married, Hugh and I were driving to visit his Aunt and Uncle.Along the way, I said, in a small voice, " I can smell petrol"."There will NOT be any leaking anywhere." We kept on driving. About 15 minutes later, I said it again." NO, you are imagining it." Finally we stopped. Hugh opened the boot. It was awash in white spirits from the pump up stove we were going to use to boil water for a cup of tea. " I knew I could smell something" HHMMMMPH!!! I can laugh now. So I know exactly how you feel, and so good to know the authorities are extra careful.