Thursday, October 5, 2017

Perfect Weather....

We did get quite a bit of rain yesterday afternoon and evening,
but today was absolutely gorgeous.

 Little Wonder and Phoebe enjoyed two car rides with me, but other than that they were quiet while I worked on a couple of projects and ran around town taking photos.
They were given cookies at the bank.  Nice treat.

 By late afternoon I needed a nap, but it never happened.
 Gary continued painting the picket fence and helped get the rest of the big chunks of wood loaded on a trailer.  Fortunately Colin had a front loader.  We were happy to have it removed.
 When the light is like this, I wish I still had my piano.
That's when I would enjoy was so peaceful.
 Actually made dinner tonight.
 A salad and pasta fix.  So good!
Night all.


Ellie's friend from canada said...

Exquisite light and sunbeams through mist!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I envy your getting rain although we're supposed to have some in a day or so. And you're not alone in not getting that nap, I didn't either - It's something I look forward to, especially this time of year.

Nancy J said...

The reflection on the stove door, beautiful. looks almost a frost on the lawn.