Friday, October 20, 2017

"The Barn"

Perfect weather today.

 I decided to make applesauce since we had an abundance of apples.

 Lots of in and outs...moving brush, raking leaves, playing with the pups.

 I picked the rest of the carrots...we had a couple that weighed two pounds each!

 Tonight we did something very special.
A couple of weeks ago I got tickets for us to go see Chris Wilson in his new venue.

 He has been working for 4 years on this and WOW!  It is quite amazing.

 Here are several of his songs for your listening pleasure.
 Chris is such a pro and I am so happy for him...he has a recording studio right there.
Watch for his upcoming performances and act fast if you want to get in.
Night all.
Tomorrow is another day......

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Nancy J said...

Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, soulful, and so wonderful, I could listen to Chris Wilson sing this one all night.From his heart and hands.