Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Just One of Those Days.

We still have a lot of water and the temperature was in the 40s today.
Not too far from here there was a little spurt of snow.

 We had leftover wind from yesterday and the pond in the pasture has started to recede.

 I had to move my class into the house today as it was just to cold for my heater to warm
up the Studio.  Now it's much easier to make tea and coffee.

 We did have some sunshine this afternoon
 and Phoebe made sure she was in it.

 After many hours on the phone and my computer, I had to go down to Country Max
 for some grain and shavings.
 On one side of the road it was bright, and on the other it was dark.

 Karen had chore duty so I was able to put together a dinner.

 First I was going to make chicken soup (with stock , no pieces of chicken).  Then I changed my mind and added a chopped up plum tomato and some thinly sliced cabbage.  After that I dumped in some in too much rice.  My soup turned into a casserole...but it still tasted great, served with extra sharp cheddar cheese and crispy apple slices.
Once again, I am looking forward to getting out by the fire.
This campaign season is turning into a marathon and it has me ready for a nap.
It's a good thing we can still laugh, as our opponents are trying to do a number on Mary and me.
We are not even running, but they sure are giving us a lot attention.  I will fill you in after the election is over.  Just let me say that civility is not a consideration on their part.
Night all.
Here are some great photos sent to me by the wife of our fiddle/mandolin player.
Great shots!
The next time we do this, I'm pretty sure we could fill the barn!


Nancy J said...

I am thinking there could well be a cowboy on a motorbike in there somewhere, What a fab venue, and a great group, Keep warm. We have 24C, or 75F today!!!

Cloudia said...

Just another day in your particular paradise

Val Ewing said...

What remarkable things you do all of the time.

thecrazysheeplady said...

How fun! The barn event, not the campaign.