Monday, July 23, 2012


 On the inside looking out....

 At least 95 today and MUGGY.

Went over to the spa at 9.

 Judy and Louise joined me...nice to have company.
After that it was physical therapy...I was hurtin' by the end.
 Picked up Gary's paper on the way home, along with a sub for lunch.  What the hay!
Spent part of the afternoon just relaxing as the house was cool.
A big thanks to Brenda and Al who stopped at the farm to see if they could help in some way.
My 3 wheel barrows got dumped before Jenny had a chance to do it.
Anyway!  Much appreciated.  Hope you had a nice visit with Gary while I was out
"running" around.

By the time I went out to do evening chores, the wind was pretty crazy and blew down a couple
of branches from the willow tree.  Fortunately, it is only supposed to be 82 tomorrow.

 I don't know how the dogs can stand to run around when it is this hot.  Tomorrow they go to the groomer...maybe they won't pant so much.
 Managed to make a decent dinner.  The salad was cucumber, onion, tomato, red and green peppers, crumbly blue and a nice Italian dressing.
 BBQued chicken with carmalized onions...
 and sweet potatoes.  Just what the doctor ordered.
 Night all.


Michelle said...

Glad to hear you received a little rain!

Karen said...

Love your inside looking out pictures. . .

Nancy J said...

Lori, I hope you and your knee are up to this activity, do you ever stop?lovely meals, as always, and true friends who help without being asked.Cheers, photos yet but twin lambs yesterday in the cold wind and rain!!!

Michaele said...

Thank goodness some heat relief is coming. Dinner looks fantastic! Can't wait to see the new haircuts!

Terry said...

Lori, I hope we both get some rain! Hay prices are through the roof here, and only going to go up.