Thursday, July 19, 2012


 At last!  A morning in the 60s.
 I was so tired for some reason...had a little couch time, took a shower and went to Wegmans for a major load of groceries.

Around 1, our friend Jay showed up to see if we needed to have anything done.  He brought his work clothes and was ready for action.  (His wife is Mary Ellen, our chorus director and pal).  Jay goes to Agape and I saw him there a couple days ago.  When he heard about Gary he stepped right
up..I'm telling you! we could not have more amazing and supportive friends.  
In the meantime, Carol called a couple times while I was on the phone with Sally....when we didn't take her call, she got in her car and drove all the way from the lake to the farm thinking something might be wrong.  She had on her work clothes too and insisted on doing the dishes.  Jay ended up dumping two wheel barrows for me and then they sat around and had a cup of coffee with Gar.

 Around 2:30 I took a quick trip to Agape to see if I could still do the bike and was 
able to pedal forward and backward.  A big deal to someone who has had a knee replacement.
 Then I stopped at the spa for a swim.  It was grey and 15-20 degrees colder than 
the other days I have been swimming.  Pretty chilly when I got out, but I am not complaining.

 When I went out to feed the horses it was raining lightly....more, we want more.

 Jenny stopped up to pick the indoor and whatever...dumped my wheelbarrow again.
She tested the salad I made for dinner.  Romaine, nectarine, green grapes, banana, dried apricots, gorganzola and poppyseed dressing.  Had Judy's super mac and cheese on the side.

I just want to say that Gary and I really appreciate the way our friends kick in.  Here we are, two gimps....and they keep coming to our rescue.  You can't beat 'um.
Night all.


Dreaming said...

Oh, Lord. My mind went to the more literal translation of spitting.... although I was having some difficulty trying to determine (when I read the title) how spitting would provide some relief. Geesh... I'm pretty slow today!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

There's nothing like a good day that starts at Wegmans and ends with the help of friends who make a difference!!

Enjoy your evening!!

Oak Creek Ranch said...

Thank goodness for your friends! Brett's doing chores tonight. I had a long day at work AGAIN and went straight to the couch when I got home. I put some wine in the fridge and may attempt something simple for dinner later on. Like you said, this 50% of energy business is getting old. very old.

Terry said...

You have the best friends! That says something special about you.

That salad looks so good.

Grey Horse Matters said...

You have wonderful friends and a great family too. Glad it's cooling off some for you and us too. We did have rain last night but need more.

You're doing really well. So happy for you that you can ride your bike. That's a big accomplishment. I know.

Nancy J said...

For you, and for KB, and all others, true friends are precious, they are there when family lives too far away,They seem to know what is needed and when,not sure about the "GIMPS" as according to my Mum's old Oxford Dictionary." Silk or cotton twist with cord or wire running through it" , a bit better in my Living Webster " a person who limps with a hobbling gait", what a title for the two of you. Take care, cheers from Jean.

elvira pajarola said...

Fantastic support of your fantastic friends; MAGNIFICIENT!!!

I wish your husband all the very best for his recovery, Lori!!!!
Are you fine now too? I hope very much!!

Beautiful horse shots, peaceful...!

...and you know by now I adore your cooking art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...and I loved your visit in Tuscany, Lori!

ciao ciao elvira

Gayle said...

I'm crossing my fingers your heat is coming my way. It's rained and been freezing for the last two days. Just miserable. Thank God for good friends!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Sounds like a good day. If Mr. Jay gets bored, he could come play with us
Benny & Lily