Friday, July 13, 2012


 The morning started off with a BANG.  Gary had most of the chores done by the time I got out there, and threw down about 20 bales of hay from the loft.  A hay delivery was coming at 8:30.  When I got in the house Barb called and said the hay wagon was still by the back door of the loft (from the load she got last night) and could not be picked up until later (ended up getting it after 5).  Anyway, that meant that Ted could not get his trailer up to the barn.  So, "Superman" decided not to wait for them and started moving it DOWN THE HILL by himself.  You guessed it.  It got away from him and broke through the fence ending up in the big pasture.  Fortunately he got out of the way.  
You can't imagine how thrilled he was.
 All this happened before the delivery.
 I had a 10:15 at Agape.  I'm on a couple of the machines now....of course
they really cranked on my knee.
 Once again I was on my own at the pool.  It felt great.
Ariana and Daniela went in to work with Jenny this morning.
 Finn and Coop got home from their trip to Georgia this afternoon  and they all came up for
Daniela's birthday dinner.
 Corn on the cob was on the menu.

 They played a little ball while I got everything ready for dinner.

 As requested, we had BBQued Pork sliders, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, cucumber salad
and I added some coleslaw.

 While at work with Jenny, the girls were given an assignment.  List your top ten favorite things you liked about your vacation in Brockport.  Daniela stuck to the number and Ariana listed 50!
 They read them to us during dinner and I must say that they are both 
destined to become outstanding public speakers.

 Have you ever seen a cake like this?  It was so hot the frosting melted on the way up to the farm.  All four kids took turns writing Happy Birthday and it ended up looking like a gigantic hamburger.  I must say, it was delish.

 Phoebe and Gucci were just trying to stay cool.

 You have never heard singing like this, and may want to put on ear plugs.

 These kids are really going to miss each other...Daniela and Ariana are ready to move to Brockport.
(If they could just convince their Mom and Dad).
We could not ask for more.  They are model, bright, mature, humorous, well mannered and
a total pleasure.  Their social skills are off the charts...a real testament to their parents.  Tomorrow they are leaving and will spend the next month in Croatia.  World travelers.
Night all.


Unknown said...

When you've spent a while with the grandchildren life seems awfully quiet without them. Still. it's good to see them growing up so nicely.

Birdman said...

Shucking corn... now, that's a memory. And I want that kid's hat! hahaha

Terry said...

Your grandkids are just lovely.