Wednesday, July 25, 2012


 After chores I was off to Christina's World.

 Ended up in the pool for an hour and forty five minutes....prune hands.
 Skipped an extra workout at Agape and went straight over to Ted's to look at a wagon of 
second cutting.   Beautiful, green... alfalfa, clover and grass.  He will deliver 106 bales on 
Friday morning.  I should be pretty set and am lucky to have found such high quality hay
during this drought.
 Crossed the canal on the way home.

 Dragged myself out to do evening chores after making some macaroni salad.
 Jenny came up for dinner.
 It was delish.
I need some couch time.

The weatherman says things could get crazy in the middle of the night...may have to go out and put the horses in.  We might even have some hail and flooding.
Hope the rest of you have gotten some rain by now.
Night all.


Terry said...

Congrats on scoring nice hay. We are stocking up too.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Hi Lori we had two hours of rain early this morning it was not very much but at this time every bit will help. You have a nice wagon full of hay there.
Couch time yes indeed:) B