Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 A cooler morning....yey.
 This soloing for chores is not fun...but no choice.
 Got to the "spa" before 9 and the water temperature was 82ish...divine.

 Gary had a Doctor's appointment this afternoon at 2:30.  Someone cancelled so he
was able to get in sooner than expected.  Our friend Randy came up for a visit and ended up driving him there and stayed the whole time.  That's a real pal.

At 2:30 I had an appointment at the Brockport Animal Hospital so Gucci and Phoebe could get a I could get a heartworm I could pay a bloody fortune for heartworm pills.
All my horse buddies....we can get a dose of ivermectin for anywhere from $4-$12 for a 1200 pound horse.  I have to pay a fortune to get heartworm meds for a 16 pound dog.  We have been getting ripped for so long.  And it is my opinion that our animals have all been overmedicated too.

 I have great respect for my vets and this hospital....but I still feel we are being manipulated through "peer" pressure to get this, get that....
 Gary did not get home until around 5.
 I went out to do chores....

 and finished just in time for a delivery from our friends Judy and Randy.
 She brought us her spectacular mac and cheese.

 Now, about Gary.  His tendon was totally torn and he had two choices...
surgery or to wear this boot, which has a raised heel and forces the two 
parts of the tendon together enough to start knitting back together.
 It's going to be a long haul.
Bon Voyage to Ariana, Daniela and their grandparents who just got on a plane headed
for Croatia.  They were delayed by bad weather in New York and the storm finally blew over.

Night all.


Oak Creek Ranch said...

Gary's boot looks similar to mine although his goes higher up the leg and I have a rocking base instead of a raised heel. Its amazing what they can do with boots these days. Did he get an ETA? Our horse vet started her career as a small animal vet and then switched so we are fortunate. She takes care of all of our animals unless it requires surgery or is an emergency. She doesn't give more shots or more meds than is necessary - I think she is out of the small animal vet peer pressure loop.

Ken Mac said...

It's peaceful and happy up north. That's why I visit.

Terry said...

Poor Gary! Poor you!

Michelle said...

I do hope those two tendons meet and stay friends forever. Sounds like you guys have some truly, truly great friends.

Nancy J said...

I hope the tendon knits together, you cope with the chores, the days get cooler, and all equine,feline and canine family members stay WELL.Yes, vets, well we need them, but maybe animal health insurance would have been better, says Hugh in hindsight.Take care, Lori, so glad your knee is well on the mend now this has happened to Gary.Cheers from Jean

Gayle said...

I don't think we have heart worms here...or they aren't common. I've never had a vet test my animals before. Can't you get the horse vet to dose the dogs?

How come Gary didn't do the surgery? Would it be a faster recovery? Hate to see you both down and out. Rough stuff.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh poor Gary oh poor you so much stuff going on n your life.
I only was talked into heartworm once it is never been in our area and yes the vet bills for small animals is getting ridiculous.
Good luck it is so nice to see the lovely food that just keeps coming:) B

Jeni said...

Horse vet vs Dog vet - Horse vet is ALWAYS cheaper! I cringe when I have to take my dogs to the vet for even the routine care it's always so darned expensive thats for sure.

Gary - oh my. Hope it heals fast.

Karen said...

When it rains, it pours. . . so many "limbs" broken and injured in your family recently.

I wish you an extended reprieve from such mishaps once everyone is healed. The best to you. . .

Re heartworms: We keep our black lab on a heartworm preventative during the summer months but not the fall and winter. Many vets like it to be a year-round deal, yet they still insist on testing every year, which doesn't seem necessary if they're on meds year-round, especially if you live in the north. As soon as the weather warms up in the spring I start the medication again (no testing). I purchase it from a vet that has similar sentiments to your own. I think he prefers the "common sense approach" to animal care. It's definitely cheaper.

(There have been two dogs in my immediate family that came down with heartworms, one in Florida many years ago and one here. It is a very serious disease. The treatment itself is very hard on the animals so I do understand the need to take it serious.)