Sunday, July 8, 2012


 A beautiful morning...not so hot or muggy.
 Wake up Abbe!

 After chores Ariana and Daniela went with me over to the pool.

 Before we left they checked out the horses.

 and DJ.

 Next stop was the market.

 Woody was singing again.

 Gary checked our onions today and they are beautiful.
 I did a little work in the garden.  We have now pulled out all the peas and spinach.

 The hostas are blooming.
 Rested this afternoon and went out to do chores around 6:15.

 The girls spent the day with Jenny out at the lake.
Back to therapy tomorrow.
Night all.


Dreaming said...

'night! Sleep well!

Cloudia said...

So much life! AWESOME pic at the top of yesterday's post.

Enjoy Your Day-

Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral
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Maery Rose said...

It was still and hot and humid in my neck of the woods today. I hear things will be better starting tomorrow -- when I go back to work, dang nab it. Good luck with your therapy tomorrow!

Sharon Creech said...

So the peas and spinach are done for the season? Our peas have been great, but I hate to think they're nearly finished already.

Oak Creek Ranch said...

I'm glad the weather cooled off for you. We are in a warming trend. Good pool weather...

Grey Horse Matters said...

Hope your therapy goes well. Glad to hear you're cooling off, we are today with temps in the 80's finally. Still muggy though.

I'd give anything to take a cooling dip in that pool! It looks so refreshing.

Michaele said...

Wonderful shots today. I got a kick out of the bathing beauty : )

Gayle said...

The fresh produce looks so nice especially the peaches!