Monday, July 30, 2012


 The weather was perfect this morning.
I had a little burst of energy and did some cleaning up with the hand mower.

 Picked up some groceries at Wegmans after chores and ended up at the pool a little before 3.

 Tina and DJ came out just as I was leaving.

 Swimming really serves as an outstanding warm up before I go to Physical Therapy.

 My appointment was at 4 and I did not get home until chore time.  I'm starting to feel a little more flexible and am moving more freely.
 Lily loves to go into Sidney's territory so she can harass him.

 I'm happy to say that Phoebe is now eating and seems to be back to her normal self.  
What a relief...she is such a sweet girl.

When I finish chores my feet are filthy so I have to wash them and my crocs off under the hydrant.

No cooking this evening....we went down to the Golden Eagle for  dinner.
Back to the Olympics.
Night all.

and now from Croatia...
two more shots from my beautiful cub reporter.
 She said that the water is very clear!


Terry said...

So glad that you and Phoebe are both on the mend!

Oak Creek Ranch said...

Glad you are gaining flexibility. I woke up with some stomach bug that knocked me flat. I've been in bed all day. Not my idea of vacation!

Nea said...

I hope you're all soon mended. Considering all the bumps and breaks, I don't understand how you still manage to be so creative filling this blog with so many beautiful images, it's an inspiration!

Jill said...

Great photos!!! So glad that Phoebe is feeling better! Every time I see pictures of that really makes me want one! So calming a beautiful. That water shot has so much texture and color in it. Would be a beautiful painting.