Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Road Dog Excellent Classes; General Requirements. Dogs entered in the Road Dog Excellent  Class are required to pass an initial, mid-point and final Veterinary exam, perform five Judged Exercises, and complete a required distance of 25 miles within a time limit of 6 hours.

Let me start at the beginning.  Remember Dream? Her owner (Barb) is a friend of the woman in the photograph above.

Barb sent this photo to Tina (Christina's World),  who forwarded it to me.

This took place in Virginia.  The "team" has 6 hours to travel 25 miles through fields and woods...they did it in 4 hours and 40 minutes.  The two dogs (Baxter and Rima) came in 1st and 2nd as the Best Conditioned dogs in the competition.

Think of how well behaved they must be, to have participated in this kind of an event.  Pretty neat!
I can just see Phoebe and Gucci now!


  1. That is so awesome! Look at Dream too...living the dream...with endurance pups!

  2. I have never heard of that sport before. I'm always impressed with people who can ride with their dogs and have the dogs obey them when they meet up with other riders. It would be a great way to ride and walk the dog at the same time if I could ever get Java to listen like that.

  3. Hi, Terry linked me here :)
    What an excellent sport! I have a great trail dog who'd rock at that - she's done slow 10 to 15 mile runs, but I usually don't take her further than that.


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