Saturday, November 6, 2010


A possibility of snow today and 60-65 by mid-week?  Merry-go-round and round and round.....

It seemed SO dark when I went out to the barn this morning.  Barb helped me with chores and then we picked the pastures.  These two little posies were in one of them.

Geese were flying all over the place....

Needless to say, we had an abundance of water....everywhere!

Yet, the pastures were better than the paddock...it was a boot sucker of a day.

Another siting in the garden across from the kitchen.

 There will be another Drum Jam in the Studio Barn tomorrow at 2:30.  Anyone interested in joining us?

I went in the house and took a super hot shower while Gucci and Sid took a nap.

At 1pm I arrived at Hartwell Hall to participate in drumming with Khalid and Company.  I missed last week because of my cold, and thought I would give it a shot today.

I love the way people have personalized their drums.  Hopefully I will have the bottom of mine painted soon.

I have to find me some bells too.

Had to leave at 3:20 as Jenny was coming up to work with Abbe.  On the way out I did a short video of what we had been working on.
Every session, there is something new to learn...two weeks ago I was much more frustrated than I was today.  Khalid is very patient with us rookies.  Today I traded my large drum bag for a smaller one.  It is much easier to handle...thank you Khalid.  When I asked how long he has been doing these Saturday drumming circles, he said over 16 years!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....Jenny and Abbe thought they were supposed to be doing the "Spanish Walk."  How could that be?  

As a matter of fact...neither of them have a clue as to how it is done...Miss Glen Aberlour was being naughty!  In heat, with King Mustafa outside the door calling to her....  Fortunately Jenny is a very relaxed rider and continued to work with her until she settled down.  This is what happens when you don't work your horse regularly.  Now I have to get back on.  Berlin is such a piece of cake compared to this one!!!!

By the time we were finished, the skies were off the charts....

I had to go down to Brockport to pick something up, and on the way....pulled over to grab these two shots of the sun going down.

There is something very special about that late afternoon light.

So sorry that filly lost the Breeder's Cup race to day...just a few more inches.

Night all.


  1. I think Zenyatta ran a wonderful race, if she hadn't gotten off to such a rough start she would of had it. Blame however is an excellent horse! I love the photos, imagine flowers in November!

  2. It looked a cold wet day at the beginning but the afternoon skies and light were stunning.

  3. Your pictures always make me happy! They are beautiful. You sound really busy!

  4. I can't imagine all that muck. I would seriously be figuring out a drain system if I had to do it with a shovel. I hate the couple weeks a year that my pens are slimy, but that is just lack of grass. They are all sloped and don't have puddles. I would love to grow grass, but I'd need a third pen first to house animals while it grows. Maybe someday. Can't believe you're going back up to 60's. Lucky duck.


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