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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

She Sings

We are still on the sunshine train....a little hotter and more humid today.

Last week we did not have a rehearsal, so we were ready to get started today.

You can see how excited Little Wonder was.....

I put him back in the house and Jenny brought him back out for the last hour.
Our next gig is in three weeks at the LeRoy Farm Market so we started working on some new songs.  The harmonies in this old one sounded the best to me.

Did not have to cook dinner, as we decided to go our for an early anniversary meal at Rorbachs after I finished evening chores.

We both got Reubens.  The best in the area.
The sun was setting when we got home and I could actually catch it from our yard.

Night all.


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Sandra said...

I like the rendition of that song. It is really nice weather here until the weekend. We have an anniversary next month.