Saturday, July 23, 2022

Happy Birthday Scott!

The heat wave continues.

The ponies need a good bath one of these days!
After chores I went Country Max for some shavings and found a whole bunch of clothes I liked at TJ Maxx.  I never go shopping, so this was a real treat.
Mid morning our friend Alicia stopped up for some garlic and she was driven here in the 1974 VW that she sold to Joe R.  What a gorgeous vehicle!

Yet another hibiscus blossom showed up this morning.  These plants must love the feel of the tropics.

Today's bounty was good.  Later, Gary picked 6 more cucumbers.  We are on a roll.
As per usual, when it's this muggy, I spent the afternoon in front of fans.
Chores at 6 as we were going to Jenny's for Scott's birthday dinner.

Jenny braved the heat and made lasagna.


Little Wonder joined us and was on his best behavior.
I think Buster enjoyed having company.
We headed home just as the sun was setting.
Little Wonder loved his ride in the car.

Fortunately it cooled off a bit.
Night all.



Nancy J said...

Scott, best wishes from down south, hope the heat lessens, and cooler days will be so welcome.

Sandra said...

We should be sending cooler weather your way, today is a nice one. I love seeing Wonder's happy face. That is a fantastic birthday feast!