Sunday, July 17, 2022


Another hot one.  A possibility for some much needed rain tonight.

We have one poppy plant and today this blossom appeared.  Never had one that was this color before
After chores I went down to the Farm Market  and Wegmans to pick up a few things and when I got back to the farm we had a surprise phone call from friends who were in the area that had time to stop for a quick visit. They live in Maine and had just been to a class reunion (that I did not attend) in Chautauqua.  
Judy and Dennis C. graduated with me in 1961 and I had not seen them in many years!

What a treat!  We chatted for over an hour and Gary sent them home with some garlic.  I really appreciated that they were willing to take the time to stop by.
While they were here I was roasting a chicken on the grill.  This is the second time, and it is so much better than when it is done in the oven.
Little Wonder and I took it easy before evening chores.

Before going to the barn I made some coleslaw and doctored up some leftover boiled potatoes.

The mulch pile is gone.  I don't know how Gary can stand to work outside when it is so hot and muggy. It looks like he is going to order more mulch so he can finish this garden and a couple others.
Dinner was delicious.

Night all.


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Sandra said...

That chicken looks good! What a treat to see your long ago friends after so many years.