Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Staying Cool With Some Ranting

It was already 75 degrees by 7:30 and felt like 100 this afternoon.  Why do some elected officials in our government not see the problem?  We are living in such a shallow minded country that is out of control in almost every direction.  As for the Secret Service...they knew the rules about saving info.  Dump them all!  And Bannon....he still thinks Trump won!  Every single person that lives in this country has got to feel that a lot of fishy stuff is going on.  The Supreme Court....what about the dark money that was used to help get them appointed? Who donated it?  And Joe Manchin...he's holding the country hostage.  I could not be more disgusted.  Let's arrest doctors and our neighbors...don't move to Texas. Outlaw AR-15s.  There better be some major changes when it's time to vote so the people get some real representation instead of more political dueling.  Does anyone care about the quality of life our grandchildren are going to have?  Who wants to send kids to school?  Who even wants to bring a child into the world who will have to put up with all this crap?  January 6th!  No one should think what happened in Washington is ok!  What is enough?

I find peace being around my animals.

While trying to stay cool,

I made some BBCued Yellow Beans....(put them in a crock pot so I would not heat up the kitchen)
and chicken salad for lunch.
Little Wonder refused to go off the porch when I let him outside.  He preferred being by the fans.
We binged a Netflix series and still have more episodes to go.
Gary had another load of mulch delivered, but I can't imagine moving it until things cool down.

Seamus came in without his mask so I had to look for it and the one Rebel got off when it was raining the other day.

I felt sorry for Seamus and The Rebel today.  They spent much of the time near the fan and the inside of the barn was not that great at evening chore time.  I sponged them off when they went in.
Dinner was delicious.  Gary grilled a couple of pork chops and I made a salad to go with the beans.
Night all.



Nancy J said...

Too hot for you, too wet and cold for us.I sometimes wonder how other people think about politics, the state of their country, and what will happen if all the "crazies" are allowed to take over.Your beans yesterday were a bumper crop.

Anonymous said...

I too find comfort and solace in my own home and do not care to be out in the public with ignorant self centered people thinking rules should be broken. My life has changed, not from covid, but from witnessing the ignorance of those who do not care for others and feel entitled to do as they please. I don’t wish to be around this attitude so until I see changes by those in business or in public life, I avoid participating in much. Stay well and take care of yourself. Kathy

Val Ewing said...

The crazies have been let out. Beware.

Sandra said...

I fear for us and for this planet. I can say without reservation tropical humidity in Minnesota is not "normal".