The Rebel


Thursday, July 28, 2022

The Rebel iS Suspicious

We had a couple of pretty good showers today and the temperature went up and down.

I spent over 3 hours in the barn this morning as my friend Janet A. will be bringing her horse over tomorrow afternoon for a 4 week vacation and we wanted to get everything ready for him.  In September he will be filling a vacancy at a nearby dressage barn.
When I got back in the house I made myself blanch the bucket of green beans.
They are now bagged and in the freezer.
The first rain arrived before noon and all the gardens got a good drink.

At 1 I went down to the library for bridge.  What a day.  My partner and I were getting the best cards and we came in first.
On the way. home I stopped at Wegmans and when I was ready to leave there was a torrential downpour and I got a little wet.

There must have been some pretty strong wind while I was gone, as a big branch was blown down.
In a couple of days our yellow squash is going to be so out of control.

I drove Gary down to Summer Serenades at 5:30.  Tonight it was held at St. Lukes church because they were worried about getting more rain.  
I did evening chores and planned on going to the concert, but Gary called and said it was going to be live I watched it from home.

The run-in and pasture by the grooming room were closed off today and Rebel knows something is going on.  He will find out tomorrow.

Little Wonder and I settled down by my computer ....
and I streamed the concert.
Tonight Hanna PK and her band really livened up the joint.  Wow!  I would have been dancing in the aisles.


Can't believe I chose to take videos from home...have about 12 more!
Night all.

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Sandra said...

What a voice she has! Rebel isn't going to be happy for awhile, I think. :)