Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Another Load Of Hay

Today the weather was perfect.

The Yucca blossoms have started to open up and the plants are nearly 5 feet tall.

The cucumbers are starting to grow up the ladders that Gary put in the garden.  We actually had a short rain spritz but not enough to make a difference.

At 10 Jerry arrived with more first cutting.  It was so nice to unload in cool weather.  Gary did all the stacking.

We were done in just a few minutes.

Had a rehearsal at 1.  Greg and Gary caught up before we got started.

This is what we sound like when we are learning a new song.  I love the part Greg is playing on the drum.  It will take us awhile, but this is going to be a good one..

The Rebel's pony did it again.  He would not

let him go in the barn first.  Body language.  This is going to become a routine.
No cooking for me... we split a Turkey Reuben Balboa.
Night all.


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